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Sebekhotep the Scribe

A typical Egyptian city
ScarabEveryone who visits should take a tour of the district. Click here for a brief history of Heracleopolis and Illahun.

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I have with me two scrolls which tell stories from the time when Heracleopolis was the supreme city. One of them is a speech to the Pharaoh from a wise man named Ipuwer, and is commonly called "The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage." The other is a political anecdote from that period, "The Tale of the Peasant and the Workman." Would you like me to read one to you?

ScarabClick here to hear the Ipuwer papyrus.

ScarabClick here if you'd rather hear about "The Peasant and the Workman."

Tomb entrance.
ScarabCome pay your respects at the memorial shrine of PaTeri Amenemheb.

ScarabOr go here, if you want to visit the Temple of Relief.

ScarabIf you have just joined us, go back here for a proper introduction.

ScarabFinally, if you are ready to leave altogether, click here.