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Jimmy BuffetT



"Yes I am a pirate...two hundred years to late....." Jimmy Buffett


How to have a life like Jimmy....

Jimmy's life consists of finding his perfect Margaritaville. His Margaritaville usually consists of sandy beaches, bars, boats, margaritas and a relaxing environment. Some people envy Jimmy's life so this web page is for those who want to follow the path of Jimmy. Here are a few links  of Jimmy's locations and links to help give you more information.


First, you will need to know the Parrot Head National Anthem:

      "Margaritaville" By: JImmy Buffett        Click to get the lyrics.


Then, you will need to know how to make the Perfect Margarita:

1. Fill shaker with Broken cubed ice. 2. Squeeze 2 fresh lime wedges into shaker. 3. Savor the Fresh Lime Aroma  AAAA!!! 4. Add 2 oz of Cuervo 1800. 5. Sniff the cork. 6. Add 1/2 oz of Jose' Cuervo White (White for a Bite) if ya wish. 7. Add 1/4 oz of Roses Lime Juice (accept no substitutes!!). 8. Add 1/2 oz of Bols Triple Sec (Nothing but Bols!). 9. Add "A Splash" of Bols Orange, Curacao (Shhh...Secret ingredient!!). 10. Cover shaker Tightly. 11. SHAKE vigorously!. 12. Flip SHAKER in mid air twice (3 times if you're a pro). 13. Uncover shaker and savor the Flavor! 14. Rim glass with Lime Peal (outside only) Salt...The outside only....add FRESH ice.. 15. Strain mixture over ice...16. Squeeze in 1lime wedge....and toss rind over left shoulder..... 17. Now...kick Back! Turn up the Tunes and ENJOY!!!

 Next, you will need to find your favorite Margaritaville......

      Just click on the picture and it will take you to a link with the locations and pictures.


Save the Manatees

Jimmy's accomplishments are not only his music and restaurants, but also from helping to save the Manatees.

 "Today, one of my proudest accomplishments is to be stopped by someone on the street, not for an autograph, but to be thanked for my work with the manatees. It gives me a feeling that I an doing something that will make a better world", Jimmy Buffett.

"You don't have to be famous to do this. Each of us in our own way can get involved and make a difference. If we all do that, the manatee will continue to be around, and our quality of life will be what it should be in Florida", JB.

So if you would like to get involved and make Jimmy proud  just click on the link and get started.

Dress Like Jimmy!

Here are some parrot head stores to get clothes, party supplies and many more!




All about Jimmy and the band. 

This link will gives you just about everything you need to stay up to date with Jimmy! Plenty of facts, pictures, CDs, and important dates!!


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